Return of goods

Return of goods procedure

To start the procedure for returning the goods purchased from us, contact the store with an application for the return of goods, a sales receipt and / or a cash register receipt, you must have an identity document with you, and also provide the goods in full set.

Good quality product

Purchasing goods in a store

Remotely in the online store

In addition to the right to exchange goods of good quality, provided for by the Law of the Russian Federation of 02/07/1992 N 2300-1 (as amended on 06/11/2021) On protection of consumer rights, you have the right to refuse goods purchased remotely at any time before its transfer, as well as within seven days after the transfer of the goods.

If information on the procedure and timing of the return of goods of good quality was not provided to you in writing at the time of delivery of the goods, the specified period is extended in accordance with the Rules for the sale of goods with a remote method of selling goods under a retail sale agreement

When returning / exchanging goods of good quality, the presentation, the integrity of the packaging, and the complete set must be preserved. The presence of traces of exploitation may become the basis for refusal to satisfy your requirements.

Inadequate product

If a defect is revealed in the product you have purchased, you have the right, at your choice, to declare one of the requirements specified in Article 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation of 02/07/1992 N 2300-1 (as amended on 06/11/2021) On protection of consumer rights. To do this, you can contact the DNS service center. To find a suitable service center, use the service to find a service center.

However, if the specified product is technically complex, approved. By Decree of November 10, 2011 N 924, the requirements specified in Article 18 can be declared only within 15 calendar days from the date of purchase.

After 15 days, the presentation of these requirements is possible in cases where:

a significant flaw was found;

the deadlines for eliminating deficiencies were violated;

the product cannot be used in aggregate for more than thirty days during each year of the warranty period due to the need to eliminate manufacturing defects.